***NEWS UPDATE 11.04.19***

Reactions Goalkeeper Coaching have over the last 5 years been developing a great working relationship with various other coaches within the FA Licenced Coaches club. As a result of these positive collaborations we are now proud and excited to announce a special one-off coaching demonstration that we are hosting at our Cannock venue (see venue page) on Tuesday 16th April 2019. We have arranged for some of our older current and ex-students to take part in the event which will feature two of the top goalkeeper coaches currently working within the FA.

The event starts at 9:30am and we cordially invite all current students and parents along with anybody who has an interest in goalkeeping at any level, to attend as spectators for this invaluable, and totally free opportunity to see these top coaches at work.

We at Reactions GKC pride ourselves in working with coaches of this standard and model our training programmes on the same principles that they will be demonstrating.